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Giffgaff:  A better way to do mobile

Giffgaff is a community-based mobile network.  Everyone works together to get better service and lower tariffs. As a giffgaff member, you can get points and lower your monthly bill by referring other members and/or by answering questions in the community.

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How to recommend people and earn £5 credit?

  1. You must have an active SIM login.
  2. Log into your giffgaff account to get your referral link.
  3. Post a member ad on
  4. IMPORTANT: You will need to provide your referral link in your member ad.
  5. Once your referee signs up using your link, you will receive £5 credit on your account.


How to get referred and get a free SIM card and a £5 account credit?

  1. Find a referrer on by clicking on the green button below or to the side.
  2. IMPORTANT: Make a note of the referral link in the ad.
  3. Sign up for giffgaff using the referral link and receive a free SIM card and your credit.

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giffgaff : £5 for Referrer,  Free SIM Card and £5 credit for Referee !

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£5 for Referrer, Free SIM Card and £5 credit for Referee !

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giffgaff refer-a-friend program

£5 for Referrer, Free SIM Card and £5 credit for Referee! I visit now
3,148 visites
  • Rated 85.8/100.
8.6 / 10 (2 referrers) Referrer: £5 / Referee: £5

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