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Holiday Lettings is the top UK source for cottages, villas, beach, and city apartment rentals for the weekend, a week, a fortnight, or a month!  Customers can plan ahead or find last minute deals.  Listing your property gives you access to the most paying customers.

Looking to rent your property?  Check out this great refer a friend offer from Holiday Lettings. Referrers get the choice of three gifts worth £50:  three deal credits, an Amazon voucher, a donation to charity, or a three week spotlight for their ad.  Referees get 20% off of a premium advert.


How to refer people and get a gift worth £50?

  • You must be a current customer of Holiday Lettings.
  • Post a member ad on
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to get your referee's name and email address to sign him/her up for this offer. You will also need to provide your name and home ID to your referee.
  • Once you have a referee, sign up here, and provide your referee's name email address. Note: you can refer up to three people.
  • Once your referee takes out an advert using your name and home ID, you will receive your gift. 


How to get referred and get 20% off of a premium advert?

  • Find a referrer on by clicking on the green button below or to the side.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to provide your email address to your referrer. Make a note of your referrer's name and Home ID as noted in his/her member ad.  
  • Use the referral link sent to you to receive 20% off of a premium advert. When booking your advert, make sure to include your referrer's name and Home ID as well as quoting "GIFT" in your application.

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Holiday Lettings : Choice of gift worth £50 for Referrer, 20% off for Referee !

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Choice of gift worth £50 for Referrer, 20% off for Referee !

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Holiday Lettings

Holiday Lettings refer-a-friend program

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