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Marriott International Refer-a-Friend Program, November-December 2015:

Referral rewards Up to 50,000 bonus points for Referrer, 2,000 bonus points for Referee!

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With Marriott Rewards Refer A Friend, you can earn up to 50,000 Bonus Points. So, start spreading the news. Tell your friends about all of the benefits, like earning points for every paid stay, bonus promotions and priority late check-out.  Then, imagine how far 50,000 bonus points can take you. You could extend a business trip with a free weekend lounging on the beach. Or, have your family meet you in one of the great corners of the world. The choices are many and yours to make … so get started now!


How to refer people and get 2000 per referee (up to 50,000)?
  • You must have a Marriott Rewards Account.
  • Post a member ad on
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to provide your name, email address, and Marriott award number so that he/she can sign up for the offer. Alternately, you can get your referee's email address and sign him up for the offer yourself, here.
  • You will earn 2,000 bonus points for each referee signs up for the offer, and pays for a stay (up to 50,000, depending on how many people you refer).


How to get referred and get 2,000 bonus points?
  • Find a referrer on by clicking on the green button below or to the side.
  • IMPORTANT:  You will need to get your referrer's name, email, and membership number from the member ad to sign yourself up for the offer, here, or provide your referrer with your email address so that he/she can sign you up
  • Use the referral email sent to you to sign up for Marriott Rewards.  When you pay for your first trip, you will receive 2,000 bonus points.

+ Terms and conditions

Referrer information (required by the referee):

  • Referrer’s Email address
  • Referrer’s Member Number
  • Referrer’s Last Name
  • Referrer’s First Name
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Marriott International : Up to 50,000 bonus points for Referrer, 2,000 bonus points for Referee !

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Up to 50,000 bonus points for Referrer, 2,000 bonus points for Referee !

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