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Paris, 25/04/2012 | launched in the United Kingdom.
Newly released by the makers of, the French leader of the market, brings an ingenious referral matchmaking service to the UK's savvy shoppers, providing a new way to make their money go further. In just one week, has already gathered over 20 refer-a-friend offers, enabling people to meet, refer each other and pocket their rewards. And it’s free!
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Press Kit The first referral matchmaking service is a community site that enables its users to share refer-a-friend offers with each other on both our site and other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Unlike other sites that consolidate coupons and promotional codes, Refaround relies on the power of social media and user generated content. We review all offers to ensure their quality value to our users.

How does it work? Refer a friend offers are increasingly popular as a relatively low cost way for companies to acquire new customers and retain existing customers by offering discounts or other incentives. matches referrers and referees with one another. We currently list almost 150 refer a friend offers on our site, and over 300 referrers available for these offers. The nationally known companies with offers featured on our site range from mobile phone carriers (T-Mobile) and tech startups (Dropbox), to clothiers (Next Directory) and gaming sites (Sky Poker).

For these companies, provides a way for their refer a friend offers to become known to a greater number of potential customers by providing:
  • A single place to find and compare a large number of refer a friend offers.
  • An easy way for potential customers find referrers for an offer.
  • One-click access to all of the information needed by both referrer and referee to complete the referral.

    • has the most comprehensive collection of refer-a-friend offers.
      Even better, is totally free. We generate revenue based on ads and partnerships. There are no subscription costs, commissions or fees for users.

      Check out the Testimonials. So far, our most of our publicity has come from the enthiastic word of mouth of our users (and of course Google)!, the first social network for the savvy consumer! allows users to post member ads for as many refer a friend offers as they like. There are currently over 300 member ads on the site! One small caveat: to become a referrer, the user must be a current customer of the company offering the refer a friend deal. Most likely, you are already available to become a referrer for your tv service provider, credit card provider, home and garden, or ISP.

      In your member ad, just provide the information required by the company in order to identify you as the referrer (usually a link or email address). The person who becomes your referrer will sign up for the offer using your referral information, and that's it! Here's an example of a member ad.

      You can also add your friends, family, and contacts to your friend list on, so that your ad will be at the top of the search results when they search for referrers for a given offer.

      High Resolution logos (pdf, ai & eps)

      More Information

      By the numbers:

      • was launched in 2011 (beta).
      • The idea behind is unique in UK.
      • There are 63 companies with refer-a-friend offers on
      • There are 112 active member ads on
      • Hundreds of matches made on!

      Contact us:
      • Press Contact: Nicolas Davoust
      • Fill out our contact form
      • Email: rf.sniarrapsel@esserp
      • Phone: +33 6 42 15 50 08
      • Mail : lesParrains SARL - 14 rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 Nantes, France (beta) (beta)
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