T-Mobile Refer-a-Friend Program, March-April 2015:

Referral rewards £25 AND Free Calls for the Referrer and the Referee!

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Check out this great Referral program from T-Mobile, a top provider of mobile phones, home internet and mobile broadband!

Whether you are an existing T-Mobile customer looking for referees, or you are a potential customer who wants to get referred so that you can get £25 and three unlimited calls, you've come to the right place!

I am an existing T-Mobile customer and I want to share this offer with someone:

  1. Post a referral ad on iReferYou.co.uk.
  2. Once your referee has joined T-Mobile, you'll both receive a £25 M&S Voucher (as long as you are on a monthly plan) as well as 3 months of  free calls to other T-mobile customers!

     Tip : You can refer up to 20 people a month (value = £500 !)

I want to get referred for T-Mobile to get my £25 voucher + 3 months unlimited calls.

  1. Find a referrer on iReferYou.co.uk by clicking on the green button below or on the side.
  2. IMPORTANT: You will need to get your referrer's full name and T-Mobile phone number in order to sign up for the offer.
  3. Fill in the form on the T-Mobile offer page with your referrer's details.  Be sure to print this form.
  4. Bring the form to your closest T-Mobile retail location.  Once you have joined T-Mobile, you and your referrer will both receive £25 Marks and Spencer vouchers as well as 3 months worth of free calling between you and other T-Mobile customers!


+ Terms and conditions

We're afraid that this scheme isn't for people who have already been a T-Mobile customer in the three months before asking for this offer.

If you haven't got a T-Mobile card with your friend on T-Mobile's details, just get their full name and T-Mobile phone number and come in store or call us. Make sure that you have their permission to do that before you speak to us. Remember that unless you choose a SIM only plan you'll have to promise to stay with us for 12, 18 or 24 months depending on which plan you choose.

You can recommend up to 20 friends a month if you're an existing consumer pay monthly customer. You and your friend will each get a £25 high street voucher plus a Booster giving unlimited calls to T-Mobile customers for 3 months when they join us. You Fix SIM Only customers will only get the Booster and not the high street vouchers. You can only ever have one Booster at a time and you can only earn a new one once any existing Booster has run out. If your friend joins us on a SIM only 30-day plan, you will both just get the Booster. This scheme isn't for people who have already been a T-Mobile customer in the three months. A fair-use policy applies to use of the Booster so if, in the reasonable opinion of T-Mobile, use of unlimited calls is excessive, we may ask for the usage to be reduced. If usage isn't reduced, we reserve the right to remove the Booster. We're afraid that neither of you will get a reward if either of you have given notice to leave T-Mobile or if your account is suspended for any reason. Check out the legal stuff for where and how you can use your voucher here.


Referrer information (required by the referee):

  • Referrer’s Last Name
  • Referrer’s First Name
  • Referrer’s T-Mobile number
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T-Mobile : £25 AND Free Calls for the Referrer and the Referee !

Did you know about the T-Mobile referral program?
£25 AND Free Calls for the Referrer and the Referee !

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T-Mobile refer-a-friend program

£25 AND Free Calls for the Referrer and the Referee!

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