Wonga Refer-a-Friend Program, Dec 2014 - Jan 2015:

Referral rewards £20 for Referee, transfer fee waiver for Referee!

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Wonga offer small, short term loans with more speed, convenience and flexibility than banks, high street lenders and other websites. Wonga offer real time interest and term calculation. An advocate of responsible lending, Wonga is proud to supports Kiva, a provider of interest free loans for low income entrepreneurs in developing countries.

Now, referrers can receive £20 loan credit when referring friends to Wonga.

Referees receive a transfer fee waiver worth £5.50 when borrowing £50 or more.


How to refer people and get a £50 loan credit?

  • You must currently have an account with Wonga.
  • Log in to your account and to find your refer-a-friend code.
  • Post a member ad on iReferYou.co.uk.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need to provide your code in the ad.
  • Once your referee is approved for a loan of £50 or more, you will receive a £20 credit.



How to get referred and get your loan transfer fee waived?

  • Find a referrer on iReferYou.co.uk by clicking on the green button below or to the side.
  • IMPORTANT: You will need the code provided in your referrer's ad.
  • When you apply for a loan, be sure to enter your referrer's code in the Promo Code box.
  • When your loan of £50 or more has been approved, your transfer fee will be waived.

+ Terms and conditions

Referrer information (required by the referee):

  • Referrer’s Refer-a-friend code
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Wonga : £20 for Referee, transfer fee waiver for Referee !

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£20 for Referee, transfer fee waiver for Referee !

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Wonga refer-a-friend program

£20 for Referee, transfer fee waiver for Referee!

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